Uncovering the Popularity of FAANG Stocks

by Frederick Do, September 2017.


Using ownership data from Morningstar, we analysed the popularity of FAANG stocks. Our analysis at 31 August 2017 revealed significant  popularity of these stocks across most investment vehicles around the world.

Among these stocks, Alphabet was the most popular name while Netflix was the least. Big asset management firms such as First Trust, MFS and T.Rowe Price had the highest exposure to these stocks in certain portfolios. In addition to active strategies, FAANGs contributed significant exposure to market indices such as the Dow Jones US Growth Large Cap index, NASDAQ 100 and S&P American tech.

Across the data-set analysed, FAANG stocks were widely held across 2,862 owners and vehicle types across the globe with mutual funds being the most popular ownership type (1,390 owners).

Among the FAANG stocks, Alphabet was the most popular name with 12,030 owners, closely followed by Apple with 11,991 owners and lagging far behind as the least popular was Netflix with 3,848 owners.

In terms of exposure through separate accounts, MFS, T.Rowe Price, American Century and Wells Fargo had the highest allocations in these names. For the market indices, the Dow Jones US Growth Large Cap and NASDAQ 100 possessed the highest exposure.